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Packaging Printing Malaysia is a dedicated and experienced packaging supplier in carton box packaging solution including design, printing and supply. Packaging Printing Malaysia provide advertising & promotional carton box packaging, food carton box packaging, cosmetic beauty carton box packaging, electronic carton box packaging, consumer product carton box packaging and gift carton box packaging.

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Carton Box packaging is to enhance the product image and advance the brand awareness. The actual packaging on the item has to perfectly utilise the product surface, size, shape and material in order to leave the most memorable impression in the consumer's mind. Apart from it, box packaging gives the item which provides protection, temperature control, tampering resistance and special physical, chemical or biological needs.

There are two types of packaging: Consumer Packaging and Industrial Packaging.

Consumer packaging is designed for consumer convenience & appeal, marketing consideration & display. The main emphasis is on marketing.
Industrial packaging is focuses on the handling convenience & protection during transportation. The main emphasis is on logistics.

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